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    Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey: Trusted Excellence at Dr. Arıtürk's Clinic

    Welcome to the Dr. Elçin Arıtürk Clinic, a safe harbor for those seeking expertly executed revision rhinoplasty. Our clinic distinguishes itself with its particular emphasis on revision procedures, an area of surgical practice that requires a high level of expertise and delicate precision.

    We understand the unique set of expectations and sensitivities that come with revision rhinoplasty. You may have already experienced a journey filled with anticipation, challenges, and emotions. Dr. Arıtürk, highly regarded for her expertise in revision procedures, is dedicated to ensuring that your journey towards self-improvement continues positively.

    Dr. Arıtürk combines advanced surgical techniques with meticulous attention to detail, an empathetic understanding of patient needs, and an unyielding commitment to achieving the best possible outcome. Her dedication to perfection in surgery, combined with her artistic vision, allows her to correct irregularities, restore functionality, and attain a naturally harmonious appearance that resonates with your facial symmetry.

    With our personalized approach, we address every specific issue related to previous procedures, striving to improve not only your physical appearance but also your confidence and satisfaction. Embark on this transformative journey with us – let us help turn your hopes into reality.


    The Quick Procedure for a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery with Elçin Arıtürk, MD

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    The Procedure for a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery with Elçin Arıtürk, MD

    There are so many types of revision rhinoplasty surgery, according to your unique facial features. Your goals and predicted outcomes may change the procedure.

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       Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure performed to correct problems that persist or occur after a previous rhinoplasty. It is often considered one of the most challenging types of plastic surgery given the altered nasal anatomy and scar tissue from the initial surgery.

      Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery performed due to the shape and/or dysfunction of the nose. The shape and functions of the nose are corrected by permanent changes in the bone and cartilage structures of the nose. However, sometimes changes and deterioration of the nose can occur over the years, depending on the surgical technique or patient-related reasons. Patients who feel that the shape and function of the nose has not improved despite surgery, or who have experienced negative changes over the years, may undergo revision rhinoplasty.

      Revision rhinoplasty is a more difficult operation for both the patient and the physician. If a patient who has undergone rhinoplasty has negative thoughts about the shape of their nose and wants revision surgery, they should not rush this decision. Especially in the initial period after rhinoplasty, facial edema and bruising, if present, prevent understanding the shape of the nose, so it is necessary to wait at least 6 months or even 1 year before revision surgery. This increases the success rate of the planned revision surgery.

      Revision rhinoplasty can be more complex due to the changes from the original surgery and the presence of scar tissue. It requires a surgeon with specialized training and significant experience, like Dr. Arıtürk.

      1. It’s generally recommended to wait at least a year following the initial surgery, as it takes this long for the final results to be visible. This time allows for all swelling to subside and the nose to fully heal.

      Dr. Arıtürk will review your medical history, previous surgical reports, and your concerns about your initial rhinoplasty results. This discussion will help plan the best approach for your revision procedure.

      There can be additional risks due to the complexity of the procedure and the fact that the nasal structure has been previously altered. Dr. Arıtürk will discuss these risks during your consultation.

      Similar to a primary rhinoplasty, most patients can return to work within 1-2 weeks. However, the final results may take longer to appear due to increased swelling and healing time.

      Following all pre-operative and post-operative instructions from Dr. Arıtürk is crucial. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding certain medications and smoking, and following specific sleep positions to reduce swelling.

      1. The need for additional procedures depends on the individual case. In some cases, non-surgical treatments such as fillers may be recommended to enhance the results.

      Dr. Arıtürk is a highly trained and experienced surgeon, specializing in both primary and revision rhinoplasty. Her extensive knowledge and expertise ensure that she can address even the most complex revision cases effectively.

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        Before the Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

        If revision surgery is planned, it makes the most sense to have the surgery scheduled by the doctor who performed the initial rhinoplasty. However, if the patient has a problem with trusting his or her doctor, he or she can contact another experienced doctor who can perform revision surgery.

        Revision surgery involves making changes to what was done during the first surgery. Therefore, cartilage tissue is needed to make these corrections. Because the cartilage in the medial wall of the nasal cavity is used in the first surgery, it may be necessary to take cartilage from another part of the body this time. Where this cartilage is taken from depends on the size of the deformity. The cartilage to be used can be taken from the person’s ears or ribs.

        Revision surgery on the nose has a lower chance of success compared to primary surgery. Therefore, if you decide to have rhinoplasty, you should choose an experienced doctor to reduce the need for revision surgery.

        Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

        Choosing to undergo a revision rhinoplasty is a significant decision. Whether you are dissatisfied with your initial nose job or need to correct an underlying issue, finding the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey can be a daunting task. This guide aims to provide comprehensive information on revision rhinoplasty in Turkey and offer an insight into what to expect regarding the cost, procedure, and recovery.

        Revision Rhinoplasty: An Overview

        A revision rhinoplasty, also known as a secondary nose job or a nose revision surgery, is a complex procedure performed to rectify issues from a previous rhinoplasty. These issues could include breathing difficulties, aesthetic dissatisfaction, or complications from the initial surgery. As one of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery, choosing an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon is crucial for a successful outcome.

        Why Choose Turkey for Revision Rhinoplasty?

        Turkey, particularly Istanbul, has become a leading destination for individuals seeking high-quality cosmetic surgeries at affordable prices. The country boasts a plethora of skilled and experienced revision rhinoplasty specialists offering cutting-edge procedures at a fraction of the cost compared to the US, UK, or Europe.

        Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey: The Procedure

        Typically, a revision rhinoplasty can be performed using a closed or open method, depending on the complexity of the case. Ethnic revision rhinoplasty, for instance, demands a high level of skill and understanding of various nasal structures. Likewise, second revision rhinoplasty cases, involving more than one revision, require a surgeon with extensive experience.

        The Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey

        When considering a revision rhinoplasty, understanding the cost is crucial. The revision rhinoplasty price in Turkey can vary depending on several factors, such as the surgeon’s expertise, complexity of the case, and additional medical fees. However, Turkey offers the procedure at a lower revision rhinoplasty cost compared to many other countries, making it a top choice for international patients.

        Finding the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Turkey

        In the quest for the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon, Turkey stands out due to its high standard of medical care and a host of world-class surgeons. An ideal revision rhinoplasty specialist in Turkey possesses not only a deep understanding of the surgical technique but also the artistry needed to achieve harmonious and natural results.

        Dr. Arıtürk: A Renowned Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

        Among the numerous revision rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey, Dr. Elçin Arıtürk stands out due to her impressive record and deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by revision rhinoplasty. Whether it’s a male revision rhinoplasty or a complex closed revision rhinoplasty, her expertise and professionalism have garnered recognition both domestically and internationally.

        In Summary

        Choosing to undergo revision rhinoplasty is a significant step. However, with the right guidance and expert hands of a seasoned revision rhinoplasty surgeon, the journey can be less daunting. Turkey’s high standard of medical care, affordable cost, and world-class surgeons make it an ideal destination for those considering a revision rhinoplasty.

        Always remember that each patient’s journey is unique, so consultation with a specialist is vital to understand the process fully. Reach out to Dr. Arıtürk today and take the first step towards regaining your confidence.