For the body to fight germs, there is tissue behind the mouth and nose called lymphatic tissue. The nasal tissue is called tonsilla pharyngealis (adenoid). The adenoid grows gradually until the age of 5-6 years, then begins to shrink and regresses to adult size by the age of 11 years.

Especially in cases of frequent infections and allergies, these tissues do not grow and shrink more than normal. When these tissues, which normally protect the body, can no longer do their task or become a source of infection, surgical removal is recommended.

The age for surgery is generally 3 years and above. However, it can be surgically removed at a much earlier age if it causes sleep apnea. Removal of tonsils and adenoids that cannot do their tasks does not weaken the immune system. Other tissues that serve as adenoids in the body can adequately perform the same functions.

If the adenoid is large enough to cause chronic nasal congestion, it can cause sleeping with the mouth open all the time, sometimes snoring, sleep apnea (breathing stops at night), swallowing and speech problems, and developmental problems of the jaw, teeth, and face. The so-called “adenoid face” occurs in children who constantly suffer from nasal congestion and mouth breathing. In this facial expression, the middle part of the face is low, the mouth is constantly open, the upper jaw protrudes and the palate structure becomes hollow and narrow. Closure problems develop on the teeth and tooth decay is common. The quality of sleep is low, they constantly turn in bed.

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Growth retardation results from both loss of appetite and a deterioration in sleep quality, as well as irregularities in the secretion of growth hormones during sleep.
Chronic or recurrent adenoiditis
Chronic or recurrent sinusitis
Chronic or recurrent otitis media or fluid accumulation in the middle ear (otitis media with effusion) that recurs 3-4 times per year or more
Chronic or recurrent lower respiratory tract infections
Allergy that is difficult to control with drug treatments
In this cases adenoidectomy should be performed.

Adenoidectomy is a short operation performed under general anesthesia. The operation can be performed with different methods.

I use the coblation method in my clinic. Coblation method means “controlled ablation”. In this method, the soft tissue is destroyed with low temperature radiofrequency without damaging the surrounding tissue. The risk of bleeding is low and pain control is much easier.

Coblation technique uses bipolar electric current with low radio frequency. With this current, sodium ions are formed in the working area. These ions break the intercellular bonds and the tissue reaching a temperature of about 60 ºC, is vaporized. This causes very little damage to the muscle fibers and nerve endings under the tonsil tissue.

After a follow-up period of 4-5 hours after surgery, the patient is examined and usually discharged. However, patients at risk of bleeding remain in the hospital for 1 night. After surgery, a diet is followed, starting with cold and soft food and progressing to warm and solid food. A strict diet as after tonsillectomy is not required.

For children going to school, 1 week of rest is recommended.

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