Neck and Face Lift

Neck and Face Lift

Under the influence of aging, stress and gravity, the skin becomes saggy and wrinkled and the youthful appearance of the face deteriorates. The goal of neck and face lift surgery is to renew the aged skin and eliminate the sagging and wrinkled appearance of the face. A youthful facial appearance is achieved by correcting sagging of the cheeks, chin and neck with this surgery. In addition to these procedures, eyelid surgery, eyebrow lift and various supportive skin rejuvenation procedures increase the success of the surgery.

The operation begins with hidden incisions at the natural level of the front and back ear, starting from the inside of the hair. To eliminate sagging of the cheeks and create a smooth chin-neckline, the soft tissue is lifted, the neck muscles are tightened and excess skin is removed. For better and long-lasting results, it can be performed along with procedures such as eyebrow lift, forehead lift, upper eyelid surgery, fillers and Botox.

With these operations a younger appearance is achieved, but it is important to remember that the aging process continues and therefore after 5-10 years the skin will sag again due to gravity.

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